Caroline Morris passes the baton

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Carl Hibbard
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Caroline Morris passes the baton

Post by Carl Hibbard » Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:49 pm

See the ECF site here:

Caroline Morris has stepped down as project manager of the Chess for Schools project.
The Chess for Schools project is possibly the most challenging initiative ever undertaken in the English chess world. To ensure the ship stayed afloat, the project needed someone at the helm. That someone was Caroline Morris.
Caroline was recruited to lead the project in 2009, as part of her role at Holloid Plastics, key supporter of the project and manufacturer of the chess sets. Under her guidance, Chess for Schools turned into a major nationwide initiative that soon had more than 8,000 schools signed up to the first phase alone.
“When I suggested that Caroline look after a project that involved 250,000 chess sets and 25,000 schools, I expected her to think I was joking,” explains Henning von Spreckelsen, executive chairman of Holloid Plastics. “But Caroline happily took on this daunting and ambitious task. She dived straight in and began to organise all manner of activity to ensure the project not only took place but was a success. I am grateful to Caroline for the considerable time and effort she has devoted to Chess for Schools. Without her and her irrepressibly cheerful manner, this ambitious and large-scale project would never have left the ground.”

Just some of Caroline’s achievements along the way included:
- Product development: Ensuring the chess pieces being made at Holloid Plastics are created to the required level of quality
- Sourcing: Finding an overseas supplier who could provide 100,000 chess boards
- Logistics management: Overseeing and pilot testing ways in which the logistics of such a huge project could be handled in an effective and efficient way
- Launch events: Arranging and publicising both local and regional launch events to announce the arrival of Chess for Schools in the area

Chris Majer, ECF chief executive, adds: “The number of people involved in this project meant it was essential to have a single person to keep everyone updated and on track. Caroline not only did this but actually drove the project forward. Her passion and desire to see it through rubbed off on all of us and I could not appreciate her efforts more. On behalf of the ECF, Caroline, I thank you.”

Caroline is now embarking on a new career in marketing, based in Oxfordshire.
The new Chess for Schools project manager is Kirstie Lapworth. Kirstie has worked at the ECF since June 2009 and will take over the role of project manager, effective from January 2010
Kirstie Lapworth
Carl Hibbard

John Upham
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Re: Caroline Morris passes the baton

Post by John Upham » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:55 pm

I would like to echo a personal thanks for the work done by Caroline Morris and our discussions about ways forward for CfS and its relationship with the CoM project. She was always very helpful and enthusiastic and gave good feedback to any suggestions.

I am now working with Kirstie almost on a daily basis and we have made tremendous progress with CfS data management and integration of the back office systems required to manage both CfS and CoM and prospects are looking very encouraging. :D

There has been much clearing out at the Battle Office and the shredder has caught fire several times! Other members of staff are joining in the recycling of old paperwork. :lol:

I would say that the atmosphere has improved tremendously in recent times and they are looking forward to a visit from CJdM in the near future.

I've learnt an awful lot about what issues create admin problems and now have great sympathy for what the staff have to put up with! 8)
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