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Post by Mats Winther » Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:05 pm

In Chess-9 (Nonary Chess) the players can, before play begins, optionally swap places of the king/queen and a bishop, provided that the bishops end up on different colours. Note that black begins by making the initial swap. Alternatively he can choose to leave the position as it is. The white player then has the option to relocate his king or queen, whereupon he starts the game by making the first move. The method generates 9 attractive positions, modest deviations from the standard setup. Rooks and knights tend to be finely placed on their standard squares. Note that the king retains his castling rights even if it has been relocated. Fischer Random castling is employed. King and rook end up on the same squares as usual.

You can challenge somebody to play Chess-9 on the following link. It's email chess, really, but there is an online script which generates the emails. Other people can view the game, and the gamescore is stored. ... onarychess