Happy Birthday WGM Dr. Jana Bellin (09-xii-1947)

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Happy Birthday WGM Dr. Jana Bellin (09-xii-1947)

Post by John Upham » Wed Dec 09, 2020 5:24 pm

Several photographs you may not have seen previously....

Happy Birthday WGM Dr. Jana Bellin (09-xii-1947)

Perhaps someone can help me out with my quandary regarding Bellin,J-Fishdick, Valeta, 1980.

I allude to the two versions of this game both appearing in the 1981 British Chess Magazine.

Megabase 2021 agrees with game #19833 but not with game #20197 and the version in British Chess, Pergamon Press.

Vassily Smyslov and Jana Malypetrova at Hastings, 1970
hastings-international-chess-congress-21yo-jana-malypetrova-from-czechoslovakia-and-vassily-smyslov-from-russia-chess-is-a-two-player-board-game-played-on-a-chessboard-a-square-chec.jpg (276.53 KiB) Viewed 419 times
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