Birthday Greetings GM David Howell (14-xi-1990)

The reporting of notable birthdays and anniversaries in the chess arena.
Jonathan Rogers
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Re: Birthday Greetings GM David Howell (14-xi-1990)

Post by Jonathan Rogers » Mon Nov 16, 2020 1:03 pm

John Upham wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:33 am


However, do not despair Jonathan. As Philip Madoc famously once said in "The Deadly Attachment" ...Your name will also go on the list! :lol:
Oh that just reminds me of the Dad's Army episode (of "don't tell him, Pike!" fame)

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Re: Birthday Greetings GM David Howell (14-xi-1990)

Post by Simon Rogers » Fri Dec 11, 2020 8:07 pm

A very belated happy birthday. Can't believe David is now 30 years old.
I remember speaking to David Howell at the British Championships in Sheffield back in 2011.
I sat down with him, Peter Wells and Danny Gormally in a pub on the last night and having a conversation with him.
He was very approachable and down to earth.
I buy the Times on Saturdays and Sundays and enjoy reading his Chess column.
I great ambassador for British Chess.

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