Yorkshire League 2021/22

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Yorkshire League 2021/22

Post by MartinCarpenter » Sun Dec 05, 2021 5:46 pm

Like the 4NCL Div 1, the Covid reductions in players have made Div 1 of the Yorkshire League pleasingly random. Sheffield are very much reduced vs their usual, York seem to have a good number of our players but are still missing two very strong regulars and less games from some others.

Bradford have sandwiched two 4.5-3.5 wins against two traditional behemoths of York and Sheffield A with a big loss to Leeds and a close loss against Harrogate.

Leeds were going quite well but lost to York B in the last round.

Calderdale are currently sitting top, and wouldn't be remotely grudged a league win if they do get it after multiple seasons coming a solid third. Its very plausible from here actually, even if they lose to York in January - which is far from certain even if we get to play that round of matches - if they win their next three matches York would need 3.5/4 with what might well be a very strong Sheffield team to play at the end of the season to make sure.

Game points could be very close.

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