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Re: Unofficial British Bullet and Blitz Senior Championships 28th February 2021

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 9:28 am
by LawrenceCooper
Keith Arkell wrote:
Wed Mar 03, 2021 1:40 am

Indeed - hopefully these events will be incorporated into the ECF's Official Online Championships next time. Not only do females and kids under 8 enjoy blitz but many seniors say that it's their favorite form of the game because it doesn't tire them out in the way long classical chess games do.
That's definitely true for me or at least my levels of concentration are better suited to a blitz game. In a standard play game I lose focus and get distracted easily so even if I've used plenty of time most of it has not been productive. By contrast a game lasting five to ten minutes forces me to try to keep focus even if I may find time for the occasional glance above the laptop screen if there's football on tv!