Details of upcoming UK events, please provide working links if possible.
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Information as follows but please note I am merely the messenger here and enquiries should be addressed to Patrick Ribbands [details below] who is organising this event.

EACU Online Team Competition 20/21

45 minutes plus 15 seconds increment

3 rounds for teams of 4 in 4 divisions:
Open Wednesdays 16th December, 6th and 20th January
Average under 1800 Tuesdays 15th December, 5th and 19th January
Average under 1600 Wednesdays 16th December, 6th and 20thJanuary
Average under 1400 Tuesdays 15th December, 5th and 19th January

All starting at 7.30pm
Dates of matches may be altered by agreement
The format of the competition will depend on the exact number of teams in each division. Each will either be a swiss or sections of 4 teams.
If you would like to play on a different day of the week let me know andif there are sufficient teams for it there could be a section on that day.

To establish team ratings the following are used in priority order:
ECF online standard play
ECF OTB standard play
ECF online rapidplay
ECF OTB rapidplay
The most suitable platform rating
November lists used throughout to maintain eligibility.

To determine the average rating in the 1800 anyone under 1400 will be taken as 1400.
In the 1600 anyone under 1200 will be taken as 1200.
In the 1400 anyone under 1000 will be taken as 1000.

Matches will be played on Lichess using the ECF League management system. See https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/62862 For more
instructions on using Lichess see those from 4NCL at http://www.4ncl.co.uk/data/Guide_to_Pla ... ichess.pdf

Let me know if you would like to play on chess.com and if there are sufficient teams for it I will organise a section on that platform. Note
however that its wonderful match facility is not suitable for a singlegame match.

Games will be submitted for ECF online rating. All players must be ECF members or supporters.

A team does not need to be all from the same club.
Players may not play for more than one team in any one division but there are no restrictions on a player playing in more than one division.
There is no need to nominate players for a team so players can be brought in as necessary.
No entry fee, no prize money

Players should read the Lichess fair play rules at https://Lichess.org/terms-of-service
It is not perfect but it is necessary.

Entries and enquiries to me at ribbs@waitrose.com as soon as possible but in any case by 5th December please.
Later entries at the organiser’s discretion.

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