Introduction - Please Read

Anybody looking to share rooms or rented apartments for tournaments.
Ljubica Lazarevic
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Introduction - Please Read

Post by Ljubica Lazarevic » Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:03 pm

Hi All,

The purpose of this section of the forum is to provide a place to state whether they are looking to share a twin room in a hotel, or apartment for tournaments and other chess events.

Main events have their own dedicated topics (4NCL, British Championships 2010, Castle Chess, Coulsdon, e2e4, Golder's Green, Spectrum Chess). If you are playing at any of these events and are seeking accommodation, please stick to the specific topics provided.

If you are playing in other tournaments not covered by the dedicated topics, then please feel free to post a new thread.

Courtesy to other accommodation seekers
1) If you have placed an advert for someone to share a twin room or other accommodation, once you have filled it, could you please either delete your post entirely, or edit it to say that you are no longer looking.
2) If you have placed an advert looking for someone with accommodation to share and have since found a suitable place, could you please delete your post entirely.
3) For other tournaments and events not covered by the dedicated topics, in the first post please provide clear details about the tournament first, including a website if available. Subsequent posts may then proceed with accommodation requests. Once the tournament is over, please delete the entire thread to prevent clogging the forum section.

I hope you will all find this forum section helpful, and if you have any suggestions, please place them in the specific topic area provided.