U.S. Elections 2020

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Re: U.S. Elections 2020

Post by John Clarke » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:29 am

My own recollections of the various events mentioned here:
  • World Championship match: I recall reading reports of the return encounter between Tal and Botvinnik, shortly after I’d learned most of the moves (but not as yet castling or en passant).
  • Political event: the 1959 UK general election (“Life’s better with the Conservatives – don’t let Labour ruin it”, said the posters).
  • FA Cup Final: Man Utd v Bolton, 1958 (but strangely, little or no memory of hearing about the tragic occurrence at Munich a few months before).
  • Moon landing: camping in Italy, so missed it (and also, to my greater annoyance, Ann Jones’s long-overdue victory in the singles at Wimbledon).
  • Rugby World Cup: watched it while staying in the main Quaker HQ in Melbourne – will never forget how grumpy Aussie PM John Howard looked when presenting the medals that were supposed to go to his team.
  • Kennedy assassination: my dad came upstairs and told me while I was painting an Airfix model in my bedroom. (My wife’s sister and cousin both got married on that date. As a result, the anniversaries are easy to remember.)
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