I need help. Abused Chess Player

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I need help. Abused Chess Player

Post by charlesgalofre » Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:47 am

so friends, I am an FM. I am 34.

I have a story to share. I am abused abandoned and neglected. Do you know what that means? here is some more info to help you put a picture together. Basically I was "baker acted" It means I act all day through a baked. It means I had a diabetic coma at age 24 and started some sort of rehabilitation by "talking all day".

I essentially became a chess piece. Like an excalibur chess piece. Not really a DGT chess piece. I (me) a human, became a chess piece.


here are some pointers.

You see the king in chess? well that guy, is someone in society. do you know who he is??
well every time there is a piece exchange in chess, there is a new "chess piece" in the making in society.

So.... heres the problem.
I have been partially abused. My biggest problem today, is that I am abandoned at home. None of my city numbers, or anything else that I call helps me.

Can you friends, help me? I have about 100 injuries that I can exchange for cash through an attorney or some sort of attorney.

Can someone help me?

is there some sort of billionaire in chessclub.com?
I am FM. I know about internet marketing. I am just abandoned and abused, and I became a chess piece.

Should I read the bible?
Any thoughts?
I need help.


"FM" Charles Galofre.
I have no purpose in life.
what do you suggest?
Has anyone been able to find a f**king blindfold chess application/tool? thanks.

Nick Burrows
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Re: I need help. Abused Chess Player

Post by Nick Burrows » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:45 am

My advice is to seek out support from mental health services in your area.

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Re: I need help. Abused Chess Player

Post by Carl Hibbard » Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:55 pm

A little beyond the scope of this forum sorry.
Carl Hibbard