Ladies Evening at Fulham Junior Chess Club

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Paul McKeown
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Ladies Evening at Fulham Junior Chess Club

Post by Paul McKeown » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:58 pm

Two years ago I started a community based club for young players, Fulham Junior Chess Club. From a very humble start, with attendances of three or four, we have grown to a thriving club with an average attendance of fifteen. But one difficulty we have had is retaining our young female players, they come, they stay for a term or two, but then they fade away.

To help do something about it, we are to hold a "Ladies Evening", on Tuesday 10th February, in which girls and their female relatives are welcome, even if they are lapsed or non-members. We would like to talk about Dilaram, from Arab legend, the suggestion that the modern queen was developed in honour of Queen Isabella, and the more definitely historical icons, Vera Menchik and Nona Gaprindashvili, and the present day greats, Judit Polgar and her sisters, and Hou Yifan.

I have attached two flyers to this post. The first, about the Ladies Evening, was designed by the mother of one of our lapsed female members. She has handed it out in the libraries and other likely spots in the borough. The other flyer is for the club itself.

If you know of any young female players in that part of London, please let them know about the evening.

Furthermore, this post is also a cry for help. Can anyone lend us an overhead projector for the evening? We've asked around, but without success so far. Please help!
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Jonathan Bryant
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Re: Ladies Evening at Fulham Junior Chess Club

Post by Jonathan Bryant » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:36 am

Excellent idea Paul.

Congrats on your success with the chess club too.

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