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Re: FIDE Online Nations Cup

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 9:03 pm
by Chris Rice
Cheers John, in the original post I was quoting Peter Heine Nielsen and after that I quoted Suat Atalik who specifically said Aronian was Armenian so there was no need of a correction from Tim as such and your clarification was the point that was being made ie that the team selections were all a bit confusing. It was like a few good players said they would play and then makeshift teams were set up to accomodate them and the optics looked a bit strange. There were a few good games so I'm not complaining:

In the final it was China 2-2 USA with no tiebreaks and as China had the draw odds having scored more points in the preliminary bit they won the "Nations Cup". Carlsen wasn't impressed "this is a let down" but Yu did impress:

Yu, Yangyi - So, Wesley FIDE Online Nations Cup 2020 round 11-Superfinal