100 Handshakes - celebrating FIDE on 20 July to grow your club

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David York
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100 Handshakes - celebrating FIDE on 20 July to grow your club

Post by David York » Tue May 28, 2024 2:06 pm

20 July 2024 is International Chess Day and this year is FIDE's 100th aniversary.
put these fact together with the next one
The single best way to grow your club is to promote it publically in the right places.

Newly ECF affiliated E2-E4 Colchester Chess Club recenly celebrated its 6 months anniversary with a move to much larger premises because it built membership with free, accessible and highly visible chess events at an art gallery in Colchester's main shopping area. Membership is up by over 400%
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https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php? ... 6346963185

So what is this 100 Handshakes event - you don't always need to have a chess legend's hand to shake -
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In Colchester we are aiming to celebrate the way chess brings people together. Before and after a game it is traditional that the players shake hands. So, dependimg how you count handshakes, we may be playing 100 games or 50! You can replicate this event or do something even better.
https://colchesster.org.uk/clubs-and-me ... 00?popup=1

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