Any News?

Discussions regarding the 70,000 Free Chess Sets for Schools in England.
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Charles W. Wood
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Re: Any News?

Post by Charles W. Wood » Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:48 am

Carl Hibbard wrote:
FM Jack Rudd wrote:Should I apply for the post? Let me know your views, forum members.
I would be very surprised if Charles W. Wood is not up for that job to be honest

No insider knowledge just an assumption :?:
Hi Carl

I would not go for the post of "Chess for Schools Director" or any post on the ECF board due to the way the ECF runs. I am a corporate type person. The ECF is a body run on three different levels all of which restricts the other. Its part Democratic, part Company and part Victoria Ethos. This structure is not in line with my thinking of a company that needs fluidity to gain structure.

The best example of this is the comments on this forum by people who did not attend the ECF "Chess for schools" Special Meeting, all the information available at that time was available at that meeting, but because of this structure of "Need of Democracy" some people can't go, and power of "Council" means plans need to be given the 28,36 or whatever days notice before being decided on, and statements need to be put to the board for approval before being announced. The question is not "why have I not been told" its "why does the structure not let me have the information".

Would I dedicate a huge amount of my time on a body thats not ready for me, no! Nor will the hundreds of other organisers who are a modernising influence across the country. When the ECF wants people like me it will change to accommodate me not before.
Charles W. Wood
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Carl Hibbard
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Re: Any News?

Post by Carl Hibbard » Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:59 am

Fair enough - good to see some sort of comment being passed after the "enforced" silence :)

However there is always going to be speculation (mostly negative...) whilst the board continues with the policy of making no statement on anything just to avoid something even resembling negative publicity

No news is not good news :roll:
Carl Hibbard