How would a game against yourself go?

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Re: How would a game against yourself go?

Post by Geoff Chandler » Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:33 pm

How would a game against yourself go?

I'd take White, sacrifice things, play keep the booty with Black, misplay a combination against myself and lose the ending.

Most common position as Black - 2...f5 in the Greco Counter (Latvian)

Most Common as White. Bxc6 in the Lopez after Nf6 (with or without a6)
Read somewhere after dxc6 Black cannot play d5 to equalise in a e4-e5 opening.

They get the two Bishops but they are only good in the hands of very good players.
Then add in the Chandler reasoning; 'if this guy is any good then how they ended up playing me?'
Ergo this guy is not very good, set two move traps, win, let them win in the analysis room. (it's the polite thing to do.)

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