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European Senior Individual Championships, Drammen

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:42 pm
by Tim Harding
Round 3 of the European Senior Individual Championships (50+ and 65+) will start in about half an hour at Drammen, Norway.

The higher boards will be live on chess24 and other places.

Chess24 has all the tournaments lumped together at ... 2018/3/1/1

The first ten live boards are from the open 65+ in which Gaprindashvili and Fatalibekova are competing.
On board 5 in the 65+. Tony Stebbings (who is on 1.5) has White against Jens Kolbak of Denmark.

On the second board in the 50+ (board 12 in chess24's list) the English players Gary Clark and Peter Gayson meet today.

The last two live boards are from the Women's 50+ which is a 9-player round-robin.

LATER: Clark-Gayson in the 50+ agreed drawn after about 45 minutes, no surprise.