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Variable Chess

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:12 pm
by Mats Winther
A revolutionary new idea! In Variable Chess (V-chess) the rules are the
same as in orthodox chess except that a knight or a bishop is first
placed outside the board. White first removes a light piece and then
black removes one of his light pieces and places it behind the board.
These pieces can at any time be introduced via any empty square on the
first rank and move immediately, effectively a double-move. They can be
introduced at any time, provided that a move exists that originates from
the first rank. For instance, if the white queen has already moved away,
a knight can be introduced via d1, thus reaching the square b2 (provided
that it is empty). A bishop cannot be inserted on the same colour
squares as the other bishop. Variable Chess is intended as an
alternative to standard chess, radically increasing the ramification of
openings. By waiting a few moves before introducing an external piece, a
player can hide his strategical intentions. In an alternative variant,
two light pieces per player are placed outside the board. In this case
white removes his two pieces first.

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M. Winther