St Albans Congress - 6th-7th April 2019

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St Albans Congress - 6th-7th April 2019

Post by Michael Flatt » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:47 am

Results are now available on the congress website: ... 19-results

and Open - Challengers - Major - Intermediate - Minor

We had a very healthy entry of 250 players (maximum capacity) when the list closed, but five withdrew before start of play on Saturday morning.
This year the Juniors were well represented with 49 in total (42 of whom were under-14).

1st John Merriman (4.5)
2nd-3rd IM Richard Pert, GM Chris Ward (4.0)
Grading U205 (shared) Jeremy Ward, Stephen Peters (3.5)
Grading U185 (shared) Duncan Kerr, Colin Purdon, Ad Reijneveld (3.0)

1st Joshua Pink (4.5)
2nd Brendan Ruane (4.0)
3rd-6th Victor Jamroz, Ernest Karumazondo, Robert Collopy, Mark Whitehead (3.5)
Grading U165 Victor Jamroz, Robert Collopy (3.5)

1st Andrew Brocklehurst (4.5)
2nd -5th Alan Prince, Gavin Hughes , Stephen Mitchell, Vladimir Bovtramovics (4.0)
Grading U145 Diego Antonio Cordova Lopez, David Pinch, Martin Van Tol (3.0)

1st Dave Turner (4.5)
2nd -5th Simon Moth, Dennis Wright, Francois Swiegers, Simon Morris (4.0)
Grading U125 (shared) Gurt de Block, Tim Hynes (3.0)

1st Anthony Dunford (5.0)
2nd Steven Ashworth (4.5)
3rd -8th Gul Kapur, Tim Cutter, Joan Gardner, Patrick Sartain, Tomy Joseph, William Stock (4.0
Grading U105 Peter Hayward (3.5)
Grading U85 Shoked Soans (3.0)

Junior & Veteran Prizes
Best Junior (u14 yrs) Victor Jamroz (3.5) Challengers
Veteran Dave Turner (4.5) Intermediate

Additional Prizes
In recognition of the greater than expected entry some additional prizes were added to those who 'just missed out' on the prizes stated on the entry form. The lucky players were:
Open - Jan Havenaar
Challengers - Manvith Sandhu
Major - Lenton, Oliver
Intermediate - Nina Pert
Minor - Douglas Bramley

9/4/2019 iss 1. Intermediate: Francois Swiegers added to prize-winners, David Smith removed
9/4/2019 iss 2. Additional prizes and joint winners added.
12/4/2019 iss 3. links added to
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